It seems it was just a couple years ago when you first looked into your little one’s eyes, holding her tight for the very first time and promising yourself you’d do anything for her. And now you desperately wish you had majored in physical science so you could create a time machine to take you back to when she was just a little girl. And soon she’ll be crossing that graduation stage and before you know it, walking down the aisle getting married.  You know your time is limited and you just want to remember every sweet moment before she’s gone…








The Model Squad (MOD Squad) is a unique, fun, confidence building opportunity for teens entering 9th – 12th grades. If you are a high school student looking to meet other high school students from around the county and love the opportunity to shine in front of the camera in styled photo sessions, apply to be part of the Twenty18 MOD Squad. Parents, if you think your kids are growing up too quickly and want to capture professional portraits of them throughout their high school years, apply for the MOD Squad.



Each year an exclusive group of teens are invited to be part of our MOD Squad. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of something special – meeting students from other high schools, exclusive themed photo sessions and most of all, FUN! Let’s walk through the process:

  1. Follow @PhotosByCori on Instagram.
  2. Complete the MOD Squad Application by June 15, 2017.
  3. Look for the announcement of our Twenty18 MOD Squad on Instagram and Facebook on June 1st.
  4. Pay the MOD Member Fee.
  5. Attend one Squad photo session and one additional themed session offered during the school year.
  6. You will have access to our style closet.
  7. The MOD Squad will be showcased on our website, Instagram and Facebook pages.
  8. MOD Squad members will receive their own mobile app with low resolution, watermarked images which they can share and post on social media.
  9. Each Squad member will receive a voucher for half off a regular photo shoot during the school year which can be used for Senior Portraits, a family photo session, sibling, Mother/Daughter/Son, or Father/Daughter/Son session.
  10. Squad members will have the opportunity to refer their friends to PBCN and we will pay them $25 for each referral. There is no pressure to refer.
  11. MOD Squad will learn posing techniques and will work with with us to create clothing looks for their photo session.
  12. If you choose, we will submit your portfolio to a local modeling agency. There is no guarantee of representation, just a review and feedback.
  13. Our Squad members will be the first to be considered for internships, focus groups, and work experience with us.
  14. We will provide references for job and college applications.



Less than you think! We invest countless uncompensated hours behind the scenes securing locations, creating relationships, obtaining props and wardrobe to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your son or daughter. We purchase wardrobe/accessories, employ professional hair and make-up artists, pay location fees, etc. All of which goes directly to the benefit of your child’s experience. The fee is applied toward those expenses.

  • $200 MOD Member fee includes two uniquely styled photo sessions plus the personal mobile app listed above. The fee is applied toward expenses such as location fees, wardrobe, prop rentals, professional hair and make-up artists. The fee directly benefits your child.
  • There are no purchase requirements beyond that. Most of our families do participate with the expectation that we will be capturing beautiful portraits of their children and will opt to make product purchases, but it is not required.
  • For High School Seniors, we offer an additional Cap & Gown Mini Session. The session is complimentary and products can be purchased A la Carte.